Product catalogs for Shopify stores

Export your Shopify products to a beautifully designed catalog to increase your online & offline sales.

How it works


Create your catalog

Instantly export your Shopify products into a simply designed catalog straight from your Shopify Merchant Dashboard.

No design skills required, your products will automatically fit our pre-designed templates.
Multi-format products images are supported (landscape, portrait, whatever their dimension).

Our catalogs are responsive meaning they will adapt the size of their content to fit any screen formats and offer the best user experience.

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Share it with your customers

In one click, share your catalog with all customers and sales representatives.

When a customer clicks on a product in your catalog, they will automatically be redirected to the related pages of your Shopify Store.

For your store or a trade show, download your catalogs to send it directly to a printer.

Our technology gives you one of the highest printing image resolutions on today's market with no loss of quality between the export of your products' images from your Shopify Store to our service. The 300 dpi - Color model CMYK is the required version to printout high-quality colors.

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  • 1 catalog
  • 5 products
  • No credit card required
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19,99$/ mo
  • 10 catalogs per month
  • Unlimited products
  • Dedicated customer service
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39,99$/ mo
  • Unlimited catalogs
  • Unlimited products
  • Dedicated customer service
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